How About A Slice of Pizza Before Your Workout???

Swimmer Michael Phelps made Olympic history on a pizza and pasta diet. Try these recipes for a healthy carb-load before a workout from  “ESPN reports that in addition to getting plenty of shut-eye, Michael Phelps is loading up on carbs. He eats “gargantuan amounts of pasta and pizza between races,” reports the AP.”  You have to remember that Phelps is burning a ton of calories every day with grueling workouts that would make the average person run for the hills.  If you are looking for realistic nutritional support and an individualized training program give us a call to become 4everfit!

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Foods That Help You Lose Fat and Add Muscle

Who isn’t looking to lose fat and add some muscle???  Well there are particular foods that can help you attain those goals.  Here is a great list of some of them.  Now I’m not saying that these foods are a magic pill, there are other components to this equation but if you substitute some poor food choices with these “super” foods you will have a great start.  At 4everfit we try to provide our clients with realistic nutritional advice along with  Personal Training & Motivational Support to reach your fitness goals.  Contact us for a free Personal Training session today at our Northern NJ Personal Training studio.


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NJ Personal Training Guide: 15 Biggest Nutrition Myths

Proper nutrition is a large part of a successful NJ Personal Training program.  I am not sure if these are the 15 Biggest Nutrition Myths ever but there are some myths that everyone should know.  Read More 

At 4everfit, we try to provide you with realistic nutritional advice along with your own individual training program, a cardio schedule, and personal support based on your goals.