How About A Slice of Pizza Before Your Workout???

Swimmer Michael Phelps made Olympic history on a pizza and pasta diet. Try these recipes for a healthy carb-load before a workout from  “ESPN reports that in addition to getting plenty of shut-eye, Michael Phelps is loading up on carbs. He eats “gargantuan amounts of pasta and pizza between races,” reports the AP.”  You have to remember that Phelps is burning a ton of calories every day with grueling workouts that would make the average person run for the hills.  If you are looking for realistic nutritional support and an individualized training program give us a call to become 4everfit!

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Super Foods

The isles in the supermarket these days are packed with foods claiming to be all natural multi-grain low fat marvels.  It’s so confusing as all food manufacturers try to jump on the “healthy choice” band wagon.  I found a great list of 52 super foods on from their yearlong series, Eat Healthy America.  Here are the top 10 super foods that are nutrient packed, which can help you fight disease, feel more energetic and even lose weight.

1. Eggs Each egg has 6 grams of protein but just 72 calories. No wonder researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, found that eating eggs for breakfast (as part of a low-cal diet) helps you slim down.

2. Tomato sauce It’s loaded with lycopene, which makes your skin look younger and keeps your heart healthy. In fact, a Harvard study found that women with the most lycopene in their blood reduced their risk of a heart attack by 34%.

3. Dried plums(prunes) They’re packed with polyphenols, plant chemicals that have been shown to boost bone density by stimulating your bone-building cells.

4. Walnuts Just 14 walnut halves provide more than twice your daily dose of alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fat that’s been shown to improve memory and coordination.

5. Brussels sprouts They have more glucosinolates (compounds that combat cancer and detoxify our bodies) than any other vegetable. For a side dish that will make you wonder why you’ve been avoiding them, slice each one into quarters, then sauté in olive oil with chopped sweet Vidalia onions.

6. Acai juice A glass or two of this anthocyanin-rich berry juice can dramatically boost the amount of antioxidants in your blood, say Texas A&M University researchers.

7. Apples They contain quercetin, an antioxidant that may reduce your risk of lung cancer.

8. Bok choy This calcium-rich veggie can protect your bones and may even ward off PMS symptoms.

9. Steel-cut oats Because they’re less processed than traditional oats, they’re digested more slowly—keeping you full all morning long.

10. Salmon You’ll get all the heart-smart omega-3s you need in a day from just 3 oz.

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