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What do you think about Paula Deen? Take our Unofficial Poll

You’ve all seen her show.  The food always looks so yummy!   I’m sure all that “southern” cooking with butter, lard and all those other high fat ingredients makes the food taste great but you always had to wonder “At what cost?”  Well we now have our answer with Paula Deen’s announcement that she has Type 2 Diabetes.  Although it really isn’t shocking to hear, what seems to be disturbing is the fact that she has continued to cook this way on her show for more than a couple of years without announcing this serious medical condition.

Now I know many people think that it’s her private life and she can tell us what she wants, but it seems like the timing of her announcement is kind of interesting since we also have learned that she had just signed on to be the spokesperson for a pharmaceutical company that is pushing a new Diabetes drug.  The Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain has called Paula out over this announcement and he has said that she is the “worst, most dangerous person to America” .  Now I can think of a few politicians that probably have earned that title more so than Paula.  I don’t think that you will find a NJ Certified Personal Trainer that would approve of Paula’s cooking style, however I am curious as to your thoughts.   Please take our informal, unofficial poll.


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