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How to Dress For Cold Weather Running

First super cold day of the year and rest assured there are more to follow.  I found a quick and easy guide to dressing properly for winter running on “When dressing for cold weather running, I recommend wearing either two or three layers depending upon the weather conditions. Each layer has its own purpose.

  • Layer 1 – The purpose of the first layer is to wick moisture away from your skin. A long sleeve cotton shirt is a common choice for the first layer. This type of shirt will wick away the moisture, but creates another problem by holding on to that moisture. The cotton soaks it up like a sponge. A better choice would be an acrylic fabric, polypropylene of one of the new high-tech fabrics that are designed to keep the moisture away from your skin.
  • Layer 2 – The second or middle layer should insulate your body and keep you warm. This layer should be made from an insulating material such as fleece or heavy cotton. It should also be able to absorb a small amount of moisture so that it can assist your first layer in keeping your skin dry and warm.
  • Layer 3 – Your third or outside layer is there to break the wind and keep rain or snow away from your insulating and wicking layers. This outside layer should be made from a waterproof material such as Gortex or nylon.”
Don’t let the cold weather inhibit you from running.  Check back to my blog for more winter running tips in the upcoming days.


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